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Election Day Services

Election Day Services

Learn about services at polling places on Election Day:


Los Angeles County makes a strong effort to identify potential polling place locations that meet the needs of voters with accessibility concerns. To better assist voters with specific needs, all polling locations are marked by ease of accessibility.

Polling Place Services

  • Audio Ballot Booth
  • Curbside Voting
  • InkaVote stylus pen with dexterity grip ball
  • 20/20 black bold felt pen
  • Magnifying device
  • Pollworker assistance at every step of the voting process
  • Wheelchair-accessible voting booth
  • Accessible parking signage

Election Day Services

Below are services available at polling places on Election Day:

  • Accessible Polling Places: The international symbol of access is used on every sample ballot pamphlet to indicate if a polling place is accessible to voters using wheelchairs. Presently, 95% of L.A. County polls are accessible.
    • To find the nearest accessible polling place with the same ballot as your precinct, call (800) 815-2666, option 4 or use the Polling Place Lookup.
    • If your polling location is not accessible, you may vote your ballot at a nearby accessible poll or outside the polling place location (see Curbside Voting below). You can report inaccessible polling places on the Contact page.
    • Non-Accessible and Alternate Polling Places.
  • Neighborhood Voting Centers (NVCs): Neighborhood Voting Centers (NVCs) are the future for locating polling places in Los Angeles County. NVCs consolidate two to four polling places in a familiar and visible location in the neighborhood, are accessible for voters with specific needs, and provide good parking.
  • Assistance in Voting: Under California law, any voter who needs help in casting a ballot is entitled to request assistance. A pollworker can provide assistance or the voter may select a person of his or her choice. If you are unable to mark your ballot yourself, you may select up to two people to help you cast your vote. The persons may not be your employer, your employer’s agent or your labor union leader or agent.
  • Voters Using Wheelchairs: Designated wheelchair accessible voting booths are available at every County polling place.
  • Curbside Voting: Any voter who cannot reach the voting area at the polling place because of architectural barriers or physical limitations may request to vote “curbside” (outside of the polling location). A pollworker will bring a ballot and a voting device to the voter, assist the voter if necessary and place the voter’s ballot in the ballot box.
  • Voters with Vision Impairments: Each polling place in the County displays voting instructions in large type. Magnifying devices are also available for voters who may have difficulty reading the ballot. Pollworker assistance is always available.
  • Marking Devices: An easy grip dexterity ball that attaches to the vote recorder marker is available at every polling place in Los Angeles County. This marking device allows persons who are unable to grasp the regular voting device to more easily mark the ballot and accurately cast their vote.


Accessibility Services Program

To look up your polling place, go to Polling Place Lookup

Do you feel your polling place is incorrectly labeled accessible? We need your feedback and we will work with you to re-survey and re-assess your poll. Complete the Online Voter Accessibility Form.

For more information, read this brochure: Voting is Your Right: Voting Guide for Voters with Specific Needs.

Accessibility Report: 2013 Accessibility Voters Disabilities

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