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Request a Copy of a Military Discharge Record by Fax

Fax a request for a copy of a military discharge record to (562) 864-1250.

What Do I Need to Provide?

  • Application for Military Discharge (DD214)
  • Certificate of Identity: The request must be accompanied by a notarized certificate of identity sworn under the penalty of perjury that the requestor is an authorized person.
  • A photocopy of valid photo identification.
  • Name and the year of discharge on the record. If you cannot provide the exact year the document was recorded, you must provide the years you want searched.
  • Credit card information (name on the card, card number and expiration date) for any of the following: American Express®, Discover®, MasterCard® or Visa®. View Fees for costs and payment options.

When Will I Receive My Copy?

The copy of the document(s) requested will be mailed within five business days after the request is received. The search fee of $0.50 per name/per year, with a $1 minimum, is non-refundable. A "No Record Statement" will be issued if no record is found.

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