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Recorder Notices

Submitting Documents to be Recorded/Filed

Date: mar. 15, 2018

To serve all of our counter customers in the most fair and efficient method, effective Monday, April 16, 2018 the Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk’s Norwalk office will be making the following changes to the acceptance of documents for recording and/or filing over the counter:

  • In Document Analysis and Recording all Courier and bulk windows will be closed starting at 4:30PM each day. Customers are welcome to use our drop off method for these documents brought in after 4:30PM at window.
  • In Business Filing and Registration, all customers with greater than 3 documents must be in line by 4:30PM. Customers with more than 3 documents are welcome to use our drop off method if they arrive after 4:30PM. In addition, to be as equitable as possible customers cannot take up more than one window at a time.

NOTE: All packages referred to above may include all document types, submitted by any party, with the exception of Title Company prepared documents.

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