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2020 Citizens Redistricting Commission

County Redistricting Commission

The Citizens Redistricting Commission

In 2016, the California Legislature passed Senate Bill 958 requiring Los Angeles County to assemble the Citizens Redistricting Commission following the federal census.

Every 10 years the boundaries of Los Angeles County's Supervisorial Districts shall be adjusted so that each district is reasonably equal in population, geographically contiguous, and the boundaries shall take into account the topography, geography, cohesiveness, contiguity, integrity, compactness of territory, and community of interest of the Supervisorial Districts.

The adjusting, or redrawing, of boundaries is designed to ensure that local legislatures are representative of the County's population. How and where districts are drawn can shape a community’s ability to elect the representative of their choice.

Demographics on the Selected Qualified Applicants

View the the full list of of qualified applicants with demographic information, click here.

List of Most Qualified Candidates

Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk has published the list of the 60 most qualified applicants for the Citizens Redistricting Commission.

The list of the 60 most qualified applicants shall be posted for 30 days.

Once the 30-day period has passed, at a regularly scheduled meeting of the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, the Los Angeles County Auditor-Controller will randomly select eight candidates from this pool of 60, one applicant from each Supervisorial District and three from remaining pool of applicants.

Those eight candidates will then select another six candidates to form the 14 member Citizens Redistricting Commission.

List of Most Qualified Applicants

Name Application
Adela Barajas Application
Alan Ehrilch Application
Apolonio Morales Application
Arturo Adame Application
Avo Babian Application
Brian Stecher Application
Carmen Gonzalez Application
Carolyn Williams Application
Charles Lindenblatt Application
Charlotte Williams Application
Christine Walker Application
Christopher Castaneda Application
Constance Boukidis Application
Dan Woods Application
Daniel Mayeda Application
David Coher Application
David Holtzman Application
Doreena Wong Application
Elizabeth Johnson Application
Gloria Medel Application
Hailes Soto Application
James Toma Application
Jean Franklin Application
Jia Lin Sayers Application
John Merguerian Application
John Vento Application
Jose Avila Application
Jose Luis Benavides Application
Joseph Roth Application
Lawrence Harris Application
Linda Timmons Application
Louise Chao Application
Luis Claro Application
Manuel Gonez Application
Margaret Milligan Application
Maria Williams-Slaughter Application
Marisa DiDomenico Application
Mark Mendoza Application
Mary Kenney Application
Molly Greene Application
Mona Field Application
Nancy Diaz Application
Nelson Obregon Application
Nyanza Shaw Application
Patricia Don Application
Priscilla Segura Application
Priya Sridharan Application
Ricardo Mireles Application
Rosalinda Lugo Application
Saira Soto Application
Sara Eastwood Application
Stevan Colin Application
Teresa Wheatley-Humphrey Application
Threse Fuentes Application
Thomas Baxter Application
Tim Forest Application
Todd Hays Application
Verda Bradley Application
Victor Manalo Application
Vinod Kashyap Application

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Alert - COVID-19

The Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk will close all of its offices to the public effective Monday, March 16 as a precautionary measure to help slow the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

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