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Election Billing

Fee-Based Election Billing

The RR/CC is introducing a new fee-based billing methodology that will provide the jurisdictions we serve with an easier and more efficient election billing process. Fee-based billing will expedite the production and release of election cost estimates and final bills to jurisdictions. Benefits of fee-based billing are as follows:

  • Jurisdictions can instantly calculate their own estimates using an Election Cost Estimate Calculator.
  • Timely receipt of bills. Instead of a 3 to 4 month billing cycle, election bills will be prepared and mailed to your jurisdiction within 5 business days from the election certification date.
  • Reduced variances between estimated and actual election costs because the same fees are used for estimating and billing.

Calculate an Estimate for your Jurisdiction's Election


You need to know how many registered voters and Permanent Vote-by-Mail voters are in your district. List is updated on a quarterly basis.


Calculate your estimates for a specific election by using the:

Need help using the calculator?

View the Cost Estimate Calculator Guideline. If you need additional help please contact the Election Billing Team at

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