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State of the Department 2016

Many of you may be wondering what happened to this year's State of the Department. Don't worry we didn't forget.

The truth is, given the extreme limitations we had with time this year, we decided to forego the traditional gathering, and reach out to you digitally.

You have received a picture frame. We encourage everyone to put in a picture that will motivate you on a daily basis. It can be a picture of your family, your friends or even of your pet. Whatever the picture may be, we hope you choose something that will encourage you to go Above and Beyond.

Without further ado, we give you the 2016 State of the Department:

So...Who went Above and Beyond at the RR/CC?

This year the 2016 Emerging Leaders broke out into groups and selected 9 co-workers whom they believed have gone Above and Beyond for the RR/CC.

Check it out:

2016 Highlights

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Read Dean's Message:

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