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Political Parties


American Independent Party

America and California need the leadership of the American Independent Party (California affiliate of the Constitution Party).
We pledge to:

  • Stop the undeclared wars which are daily costing American lives and billions of tax dollars;
    Stop reckless spending, including foreign aid, and take care of America’s domestic needs;
    End debt financing of both Federal and State governments;
    Get rid of the Federal income tax, and restore a tariff-based revenue system;
    Immediately terminate participation in international trade agreements such as NAFTA and the WTO, and stop sending high paying American jobs to foreign countries;
    Reduce immigration, and stop all government subsidies to illegal aliens;
    Defend America’s moral values; keep God in the pledge of allegiance;
    Protect the right to life of the innocent unborn;
    Support high standards in education, including encouragement of private schools and home schooling;
    Stop the rape of consumers and taxpayers by the energy/utility monopolies;
    Defend Second Amendment rights;
    Restore a debt-free, interest-free money system;
  • Get rid of the California car tax; no driver’s licenses for illegals.

Vote American Independent-the only party fully supporting Chief Justice Roy Moore’s courageous stand for the State’s right to recognize God and the Ten Commandments.

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Democratic Party

The United States Government, especially a President, has two major responsibilities…..the Economy and National Security.

Only a new Democratic President will make our country stronger in both areas.

Democrats have:

  • Supported teachers and improved public education resulting in higher test scores
  • Passed tough laws to keep assault weapons and Saturday Night Specials out of our neighborhoods and schools
  • Passed HMO reform that gives health care decisions to patients and their doctors
  • Led efforts to protect taxpayers and our pension funds from fraudulent corporate crooks

We need to re-elect Senator Barbara Boxer and support our Congressional and State Legislative candidates so they can keep on fighting to:

  • Protect a woman’s right to choose
  • Reduce violent crimes in our neighborhoods and schools
  • Protect Social Security and Medicare and add prescription drug coverage
  • Help small businesses and pass balanced budgets
  • Protect our environment
  • End hate crimes

Democrats and Independents should contact us to build a greater California. We are the only party to invite Independents to vote in our Presidential primary.

California Democratic Party
1401 21st Street, Suite 200, Sacramento, CA 95811-5221
Phone: (916) 442-5707
Fax: (916) 442-5715
E-mail: info@cadem.org
Website: www.cadem.org

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Green Party

The Green Party represents working families and the otherwise forgotten middle-class. We want independent politics and responsible government that honors constitutional rights and civil liberties.

The dying two-party system serves only the wealthy corporations, trading favors for huge campaign contributions. It no longer represents small business owners, workers, and the poor, elderly and disenfranchised.

The Green Party is the fastest growing political party. Voters know it’s time for change.

We’re rebuilding the way government operates; we’re not for sale. Instead of the corporate-driven system embracing consumption and nonsustainable competition, we practice these 10 key Values:

Ecological Wisdom Nonviolence
Grassroots Democracy Feminism
Community-Based Economics Personal and Global Responsibility
Social Justice Respect for Diversity
Decentralization Sustainability

Increasingly, voters elect Greens on citywide, county and state levels, with over 180 officeholders nationwide. Greens also work between elections on community issues. This activism is fundamental to our grassroots values. We walk our talk.

We advocate universal health care, alternative energy, election reform, living wages and sustainable business practices. We’re working to restore the quality of our everyday lives and communities.

Green Party of California
P.O. BOX 2828
E-mail: gpca@greens.org
Website: www.cagreens.org, www.cagreens.org/platform

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Libertarian Party

The Libertarian Party is as American as apple pie.

Like you, we have jobs, businesses, families and dreams.

We’ve entered the political arena to restore liberty and American values. We’re working toward a government that taxes and spends less, and won’t interfere with your personal life.

If you describe yourself as socially tolerant and fiscally responsible, you’re a Libertarian!

We believe you-not the government-should decide how to run your life, checkbook, retirement, education and family.

The Libertarian Party supports your right to:

  • keep what you earn. Reduce or eliminate taxes whenever possible.
  • run your own business and enjoy your property. Reducing regulations and paperwork creates more jobs, higher pay, and lower prices.
  • Educate your children as you see fit.
  • Choose your own lifestyle. The government shouldn’t consider you a criminal because of your choices in relationships, recreation or medical treatment.
  • Truly equal treatment under the law regardless of race, gender, religion, sexuality, or personal characteristics.
  • own a firearm. Self-defense is a right, not a political favor.

With over 60 elected Libertarians in California and over 525 officeholders countrywide, we’re a real and growing choice.

Call 1-800-ELECT-US or go to http://www.lp.org.

Join us today!

Libertarian party of California
14547 Titus Street, Suite 214, Panorama City, CA 91402-4935
1-800-ELECT-US (for inquiries)
1-877-884-1776 (California Headquarters)
E-mail: office@ca.lp.org
Website: www.lp.org

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Peace and Freedom Party

You can vote for the rights and needs of working-class people in California and throughout the world.

Vote for meaningful work for all; double the minimum wage. End poverty and homelessness.

Vote for free, quality health care and education for all.

Vote to tax the rich to meet human needs.

Vote for complete protection and restoration of our environment.

Vote to let people throughout the world determine how to govern themselves. Bring home all U.S. troops and fire all agents who are sent to promote and protect corporate profits. End all foreign military aid.

Vote to end discrimination against all oppressed groups, making it possible for all to participate democratically and share equally.

Capitalism uses our labor and natural resources to create profit for a few. It causes war, environmental destruction, poverty, and inequality.

We working-class people need our own party. We can’t expect parties controlled by corporations and the rich to act in our interests.

If we work together, we can change to system. We can create a socialist society in which we democratically and cooperatively use nature’s resources, our labor and our social wealth for the common good.

Register and vote Peace and Freedom Party.

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Republican Party

The California Republican Party seeks to restore our state as the nation's leader in economic growth and innovation by cutting taxes, slashing wasteful regulations, and making California competitive again. We want to build a California where people and families are safe and secure because a vibrant economy is creating jobs and opportunities for everyone who is willing and able to work.

Republicans support boldly reforming our bloated and wasteful government and reducing the burden on taxpayers to grow our economy and generate the jobs and opportunities families need.

The Republican Party is the advocate for everyday Californians - not the special interests or big government. We support protecting every Californian's personal freedoms and opportunities to have a quality education, to work, to save and to invest in one's future, and in one's family.

Our democracy only works if good people decide to step up and get involved. Our doors are open to you and we hope you will make the personal decision today to protect, improve and build California by joining the California Republican Party. You can learn more by visiting our website at cagop.org today.

Jim Brulte, State Chairperson
1903 West Magnolia Boulevard
Burbank, California 91506

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Pursuant to federal law, this information and various other election materials, including State and County ballot measures, are also available from the Los Angeles County Registrar of Voters in Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Tagalog and Vietnamese. Some election materials are also available in Korean. To request a translated copy of this information or to request multilingual materials prior to an election, call the Election Information Section at (800) 481-VOTE (8683).


Eric Bauman, Chairperson
3550 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 1203
Los Angeles, CA 90010
Phone: (213) 382-0063      
Fax: (213) 382-1278
Email: info@lacdp.org
Website: www.lacdp.org


Mark Vafiades, Chairperson
1901 W. Magnolia Blvd.
Burbank, CA 91506
Phone: (818) 558-7600
Fax: (818) 841-4801
Email: info@lagop.org
Website: http://www.lagop.org


Shawn Hoffman, Chairperson
P.O. Box 69301
West Hollywood, CA 90069
Email: hoffman2010boe@gmail.com

Carlos A. Rodriguez Esq., Chairperson
14547 Titus Street #214
Panorama City, CA 91402
Phone: (818) 459-7007
Email: Carlos4freedom@snauk.com
Website: http://www.lplac.org


Michael McCue, Co-Coordinator
P.O. Box 82222
Los Angeles, CA 90082
E-mail: sfvgreens@gmail.com
Website: cagreens.org/lacounty/


Re-qualified in 2003.
Cindy Henderson, Chairperson
6199 Canterbury Dr.
Culver City, CA 90230
Unlisted Number
Email: coz42001@hotmail.com

Natural Law is no longer a qualified party

For State Chairpersons Of Qualified Political Parties, Click The Following Link:

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